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How does
dropshipping work?
Dropshipping is a business model that allows you to run your store without ever holding any inventory. Once you’ve made a sale, we will purchase the product and ship it to our warehouse. Then, we’ll inspect the quality and repackage it. Finally, we will deliver the parcel to your customers’ doorstep. You’ll never need to worry about sourcing, storing, packaging, or shipping your products anymore!
Is dropshipping
Yes, dropshipping can be profitable for merchants. Dropshipping is a low-risk business model that allows you to sell products to your customers without incurring high running costs as a wholesaler would have. Because of these lower costs, it is easier and faster to profit from dropshipping compared to other business models. Also, you can price your products in a way that covers both your marketing and shipping costs while still making a profit.
How can I start a dropshipping business?
You can start dropshipping with just a few easy steps. Follow the procedure below:
Choose an e-commerce platform to host your online store. This is where buyers can learn about your business.
Select products that you like and want to show in your store.
Establish a partnership with AK, so we’ll handle all of your products for you.
Provide logistics information to your clients and give them high-quality after-sale services.
One stop account management
What services
does AK offer?
VIP upgrade service
Product photography
We have a professional photography team that can take photos or videos for your products according to your requirements.
Own Brand Labeling
We will handle all issues for your own band. You can customize the specifications, packaging, inserts, logos, colors, etc. of your own band products.
VIP Individual Private Links
We can create a hidden purchasing link for your best-sale or exclusive products. Therefore, your peers would not know about your best-sale products and you can keep them hot for a longer period of time to get more profit.
How to work with AK?
New store
Have a store
A new store? Still have not promoted a product yet?
First, register your account through AK Dropshipping and connect your Shopify, WooCommerce, Yampi, or SHOPLAZZA store.
Choose the products you want to sell We have provided many product catalogs for you to choice. In AK Products, you can see the best seller and newest catalogs.
Collect and post products to your store Click Add to Import List, you can edit the products you are interested in, set your target price. Then, you can easily synchronize and publish them to your store.
After you have got the permission for sale, you can click “Get a Quotation” in AK App-order. Then, we will send you the price and the link within 12 hours. You just need to connect your products with AK list like on the Dsers APP, map your SKUs, and choose the logistic method you need to use*.
Bulk Payments via AK app
Orders in your store will be automatically synchronized to AK-Order, and upon mapping, you can make bulk payments directly through Order-Awaiting Payment.
We source and ship products to our warehouse
Fulfill your orders
After the goods are shipped, the tracking number will be automatically synchronized to your connected store. If there is any abnormality in the order and it is necessary to change the tracking number, the new tracking number will be automatically replaced in your store.
Want more details?
Please contact your exclusive customer service
why choose AK?
Multiple platforms, multiple stores
One-stop convenient management. An AK account can purchase all the goods in the store.
Bulk order bulk payment
You can pay for 300-500 orders at one time (provided that the amount of all such order shall be less than USD 10,000.
Reasonable Pricing Structure
More reasonable pricing structure: product cost and shipping cost are usually calculated and paid separately. Our shipping cost for each order is calculated and paid based on a fixed fee and a weight fee. It is more reasonable and could save shipping costs for you.
Cloud Warehouse System
You can prepare your products in advance through this function. You can check the sales and purchase report of the products in the cloud warehouse. Especially before the major holidays, you can predict the sales, and prepare and store the products in advance. In such a case, even in the vacation period, we can still ship for you.
Multiple Shipping Options
We have been working with all major carriers in China. We could offer a wide range of shipping options covering almost all popular countries.
Favorable Service Charges
We integrate the most widely available payment methods on the market and obtain very low service charge, 1% for Pix, 1.5% for boleto and 2.9% for PayPal.
100% Lifetime Free Warehousing Service
Choosing AK APP, you can store your products in our warehouse permanently for free.
Superb manual order
It supports order import from all non-integrated platforms. You can send us the order in form form
AK Dropshipping Cashback on Balance Recharges
We offer cashback in different amounts every time when you recharge your AK Wallet. For example, when you recharge your AK Wallet with USD 10,000, the AK Dropshipping app will add USD 120 to your account balance. Your AK Wallet balance is shown as USD 10,120 and this balance can be used to pay for orders.
Reliable and Responsible After-Sales Service
We provide reliable and responsible after-sales service in case of product damage, product error, lost parcel, etc. As long as it is confirmed that the problem is caused due to the reason attributable to us, we will resend the product free of charge or refund according to your request. The refunded amount will arrive quickly to your balance and the balance value can be directly credited to your payment for next time.
More advantages
AAK Win-Win Earn commissions by sharing AK. Commissions can be paid by AK. The price of the order does not include commissions. You and your friends are able to enjoy the lowest price of the product. Our commissions are withdrawable and can be used to pay for the order .
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